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Nov 28, 2023

Veronica Hanway

This week we will discuss how important it is to continue masking and keeping away from crowds as a chronically ill or immunocompromised person.  Our guest today is Veronica Hanway.  Immunocompromised individuals are not optimally protected by COVID-19 vaccines and potentially require additional preventive interventions to mitigate the risk of severe COVID-19.

Veronica, a Latina mother and first generation Geography PhD student in her second year, is 35 years old and has had a lifetime of chronic migraines. With her first migraine at just three years old, she is no stranger to migraine symptoms, MRIs, CTs, neurology appointments, and treatments.

 She is an advocate for public health and community care during the ongoing SARS CoV 2 (Covid 19) pandemic. Veronica is committed to protecting her immunocompromised child and her high risk family while also continuing her National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship doctoral studies. Her passions include spending time with her family, advocating for safer spaces for disabled, high risk, immunocompromised, and BIPOC communities, learning how people have adapted to avoiding Covid infections and reinfections, and how people have created Coviding communities.

She loves painting, singing, having fun, and reading with her son and partner. She is committed to helping others know that they aren't alone in navigating health issues while the effects of climate change and pandemic rage on.