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Dec 19, 2023

This week we will discuss how to avoid toxins when cooking for a crowd.  The following comes straight from the CDC:

Family sitting around the table for a holiday meal

Prevent Food Poisoning During the Holidays

Feasting with family is part of many holiday celebrations. Follow these tips to help prevent food poisoning, or foodborne illness, during the holidays.

    Dec 12, 2023

    This week we are talking about a rare condition, FOXG1.  This  syndrome is a rare genetic neurodevelopmental disorder caused by a mutation in the FOXG1 gene. FOXG1 gene is one of the first and most important genes for early brain development and when impaired, causes cognitive and physical disabilities as well as...

    Dec 5, 2023

    This week we will discuss M-RNA vaccines.  Our guest is Thomas VanCott, PhD.  Thomas VanCott is currently the Chief Scientific Officer for Combined Therapeutics, a Boston based biotech company developing targeted mRNA therapies.  Prior to this he served as the Chief Technology and Strategy Officer for Catalent Cell &...

    Nov 28, 2023

    Veronica Hanway

    This week we will discuss how important it is to continue masking and keeping away from crowds as a chronically ill or immunocompromised person.  Our guest today is Veronica Hanway.  Immunocompromised individuals are not optimally protected by COVID-19 vaccines and potentially require additional preventive...

    Nov 20, 2023

     This week we will be talking about Sick Sinus Syndrome (SSS) with Audrey Brown.  Sick sinus syndrome (SSS) is a disease in which the heart's natural pacemaker located in the upper right heart chamber (right atrium) becomes damaged and is no longer able to generate normal heartbeats at the normal rate. It may be a...