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Jun 8, 2021

On this week's show we are speaking with Kristine Hoestermann, the founder of "FindYourRare" and she will be explaining how she was diagnosed with HEDS and where that diagnosis took her!

Kristine Hoestermann

Heeeeere's Kristine!


Allow me to introduce myself🦓My name is Kristine (kk). I am the CEO of RARE.™ A brand that was born from...

Jun 1, 2021

Food allergy is an immune system reaction that occurs soon after eating a certain food. Even a tiny amount of the allergy-causing food can trigger signs and symptoms such as digestive problems, hives or swollen airways. In some people, a food allergy can cause severe symptoms or even a life-threatening reaction known as...

May 25, 2021

This week we will be discussing stroke awareness.

More than 800,000 strokes happen each year in the United States. Stroke is the fifth leading cause of death in the U.S. and is a major cause of serious disability for adults.

A stroke is caused by blocked blood flow to the brain and can affect a person’s speech,...

May 18, 2021

Dr. Eugenie Hsu is a clinical psychologist by profession and lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and two children. In 2011 when her son was 8, he was diagnosed and treated for a craniopharyngioma brain tumor: Grateful for his survival but distressed by the many challenges he suffered in the aftermath of...

May 11, 2021

Brandi McAlexander was born and raised in Kirtland, New Mexico, a small town ten miles from the Navajo Native American Reservation. She is both Oglala Sioux and White Stick Creek.

Brandi McAlexander

She is happily married to a veteran of two tours to Iraq. Together they have a happy full house with seven children; four girls and three...