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Mar 14, 2023


Everyone has heard of a misdiagnosis.  Either radiology doesn't catch something on a scan, or perhaps the M.D. misses a lump or a mark during exam.  But when it comes to diagnosing deadly disease like cancer, you don't want it to get missed, especially twice for two different cancers! 

Cancer misdiagnosis may occur due to human error such as doctor negligence or incompetence when determining which types of cancer testing may be needed. Cancer misdiagnosis may begin during the testing process, such as errors in performing diagnostic imaging or improper procedure when collecting cell samples for a biopsy. 

Our guest today is Sarah E. McDonald, a two-time cancer survivor and one-time mother of daughter, Rory. 

She has spent the majority of her 30-year career in the technology industry, 14 years of which were at eBay, including the period while she was battling cancer.

Sarah E. McDonald

Sarah received her MBA from Cornell University and her BA from Occidental College. Beyond cancer, Sarah is interested in all things people-related – especially when paired with food, wine, the outdoors, and/or music. Sarah lives in Mill Valley with her husband, Geoff, and daughter, Rory.

The Cancer Channel

The Cancer Channel is her first book.