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May 26, 2020

Narcolepsy is a chronic sleep disorder characterized by overwhelming daytime drowsiness and sudden attacks of sleep. People with narcolepsy often find it difficult to stay awake for long periods of time, regardless of the circumstances. Narcolepsy can cause serious disruptions in your daily routine.  Our guest today is Lindsey who will discuss her life with narcolepsy.  
Lindsey grew up in Charlotte NC and is currently residing nearby in Belmont, NC with her husband and dog. She was diagnosed in May of 2019 after dealing with symptoms since childhood. She was previously misdiagnosed and had doctors dismiss her sleepiness for being a normal teenager or college student. She continued to press doctors for answers and finally received a diagnosis and began treatment less than a year ago. She is now trying to speak out an advocate so that others do not have to have the same long path to diagnosis she did.