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Sep 22, 2020

Hyperacusis is defined as a collapsed tolerance to normal environmental sounds. Ears also lose most of their dynamic range.  Dynamic range is the ability of the ear to deal with quick shifts in sound loudness. Suddenly everyday noises sound unbearably or painfully loud. The disorder is often chronic and usually accompanied by tinnitus (ringing in the ears), but can occur in patients who have little or no measurable hearing loss.

Jemma-Tiffany Smith Rosewater

Hi, My name is Jemma, I’m  16 years old and have a rare disorder called hyperacusis, which causes me to experience pain from normal noise. There is very little research done on hyperacusis, and no laws or policies to provide accommodations to those living with hyperacusis. My goal is to help raise awareness about hyperacusis and other rare disorders/chronic pain conditions, put in place laws to accommodate those with hyperacusis, and push for more research to be done on hyperacusis. I have started a website, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube called a Hyperacusis Awareness.