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Jun 4, 2024

On this week's episode we are talking with Dr. Cornish about Neuro complications in Chronically Ill Patients.  Dr. Cornish, a highly regarded physician, provides integrative medicine services to a diverse global patient community. Currently serving as the Functional Medicine Director of the Amen Clinic East Coast Division, she specializes in autoimmune diseases, hormone imbalances Lyme disease, autism, environmental toxicity, gut imbalances, neurology and various other chronic conditions. Employing a holistic approach, Dr. Cornish identifies the root causes of health issues within the body's biological systems, offering comprehensive treatment to both adults and children. Her treatment philosophy is integrative and evidence-based.

 Dr. Cornish

Within Amen Clinics, Dr. Cornish has been instrumental in developing the Neuroinflammatory Intensive program—a two-week inpatient initiative addressing neurological complications arising from chronic infectious diseases, mold illness, and other chronic inflammatory conditions including brain imaging. 

Dr. Cornish's educational journey includes earning honors at Brown University for her undergraduate studies and obtaining her medical degree (M.D.) from Brown University Medical School. She further refined her skills through a family medicine residency at Georgetown University.

 As a Howard Hughes Medical Fellow, Dr. Cornish conducted translational research at the National Human Genome Research Institute NIH, working under the guidance of Francis Collins, M.D., Ph.D. She currently serves as the treasurer of the board for the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society,


Acknowledged as an authority in her field, Dr. Cornish was honored as Northern Virginia’s Top Doctor for family practice in 2021 and 2022. She has also been recognized by Continental Who’s Who as an Exceptional Woman in Healthcare, highlighting her professional excellence at Amen Clinics.


Beyond her clinical practice, Dr. Cornish is passionate about education, regularly conducting webinars to inspire medical professionals and patients to better understand functional medicine. Her aspirations include contributing to research on Alzheimer’s, Lyme Disease, and pediatric autoimmune diseases, with plans to write a book detailing her experiences. She is also a proud mom of triplets.

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